Why Replace When You Can Repair?

Broken, cracked, or sunken concrete can be costly
and time consuming to replace. Save time and
money with East Tennessee Concrete Lifting.
We use a special hydraulic process that
restores your concrete slabs, patios,
and foundations like new. Most jobs
can be done in under a day. Give
us a call today.

We're A Green Sustainable Company.

Our process uses a fraction of the material and energy that replacement of the existing concrete would require. Raising as opposed to lifting leaves a much smaller carbon footprint.You are saving yourself money while creating less of a negative impact on the environment.

ETCL Now Repairs Foundations.

Traditional foundation repair can cost tens of thousands of dollars. ETCL's special hydraulic process is quick and cost effective, often costing a fraction the cost of traditional repairs.

Use ETCL's Handy Job Form.

Have a job you need looked at? Use our handy form to describe your concrete repair needs, send pictures of the problem areas and we'll contact you. Its easy! Of course you can always call us at 865-332-3274 anytime. Visit our contact page

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Watch Our Demo.

We use a hydraulic jacking and leveling process to lift concrete slabs back to their original positions. This is done by filling voids and pockets under the slabs. Watch our demo to see how its done.